Saturday, January 7, 2012

Interior Design Pointers: Home Theater

When you look around your living room, you begin to notice the possible upgrades that can enhance the room and change it into your personalized home theater. Going through your mind are several likely enhancements which include home theater seats, skylight lights, new carpet or hardwood floor and maybe even a TV. When aiming for some improvements for your room, you may want to think about these tips before you run off and buy that new television set or upgrade your floor.

Carpet or Hardwood

Whether you select hardwood or carpet, your selection in flooring will dictate the cost and maintenance options available. Carpet is oftentimes less costly and only demands that you vacuum every so often to keep it free of dust and dirt.

The biggest drawback to carpet is the difficulty noticed when trying to clean the fabric of stains produced by drinks and food. Most carpet fabric will also have an evaluated life span, making for a more or less expensive product. The life cycle of the textile is not set in stone; just because it is stated that a carpet can last "20 years" does not guarantee that the fabric will last that long; most textiles will last a few years less because of the constant vacuuming that weakens the fabric over time. Hardwood floor will be more pricey, but the perks of hardwood outweigh the costs. Hardwood will require that you preserve the floor more in order to keep the shine and stop the material from cracking. Animals and furniture can also scrape the floors, so be aware while you move furniture and while pets are inside of the home to prevent any damage to the materials.

Theater Seats

Movie theater seats are regularly sold in several different sizes, styles and themes that can help you select the best seats. Do not forget, the two most important pieces of home theater chairs are the seats and television set. The seats you purchase must grant ample space for the individual and a comfortable viewing experience to grant the best movie environment. Also be positive that the company from which you select the seats offers various customization choices for seats, from the armrests to the seat cushion.


The television set must also be large enough and within a location to allow everyone in the room the opportunity to properly view the program being aired. The size of the TV should be proportional to the room, meaning that the room size should have a television that is not too large or tiny. Instead, you may need a 60-inch television set or a projector to provide the most ideal viewing experience.

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