Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Interior Design Trends: The Return of Global Decor

It's not unusual to see trends return in interior design. A few years ago, global decor was all of the rage but the following year, it was a tabu, dated style. For the coming 2012, global decor is making a come-back in the interior design world. Global influences on various home decor items is going to be extremely trendy this coming spring and summer, so be sure to put them on your wish list!

Bathroom Design Ideas

An unexpected room in your home to decorate using the global decor trend is your bathroom. A bathroom is a small room and with basic, versatile styled fixtures, you can regularly update the theme or decor style without having to remodel the entire bathroom.

Bathroom decorating ideas that incorporate global flavors could include items such as African tribal masks or African pottery. Wooden sculptures or handmade wall art are all great accessory options for this style of interior design.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When it comes to the bedroom, your options may be a bit more versatile. Consider items such as a large carved headboard, which can make a dramatic decorating statement in your bedroom. Look for styles that are Moroccan or Asian, which can be extremely unique and different from what you might see at your best friend's house, your neighbor's house or your in-laws' house. Other global styles include Parisian, Aboriginal, Southwestern, Hispanic or Latin, Caribbean and many, many more.

Carved side tables and trendy lamps with woven shades are perfect for the global decor look. When it comes to global decor, don't be afraid of metallic shades either: golds, brass, bronze and silvers are all completely acceptable when it comes to decorating with a global influence.

Don't be afraid to mix and match cultures in your international decor. Just because you enjoy a set of tribal chairs from Africa doesn't mean you can't mix those chairs with a nice Moroccan style coffee table. When it comes to global decor, let the decorating ideas flow. Designers from major cities everywhere; including New York interior designers and Los Angeles interior designers, aren't afraid to mix and match patterns, colors, styles and even cultures, so you shouldn't be afraid of mixing and matching either!

Last but not least, another trend: reclaimed wood, has a place in the global design style. Reclaimed wood looks perfectly at-home when paired with other global elements, such as woven baskets, carved wooden statues or imported wall art.

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