Wednesday, February 15, 2012

bamboo home design, back to nature

Home is the place for people to do anything they want. For make the people feel save and pleasant, the home must has or provides a property that we need anytime.So, for get the dream, we can start it from think how the beautiful design for our home.

    If you live in the city, you can design your home with 2 or 3 floors. it can make you feel that your home is so wide, without buy a wide land.And a little garden in the backyard will make your home so sady. some plants like rose, spruce, bamboo, or plants in the pot can be a choice to complete your garden.

    Yeah, bamboo. beside for gild the backyard, Bamboo is one material that has been utilized by almost every civilization over the centuries. It is used in shelters, building water wheels, dishes, making utensils, carving walking canes, weaving baskets together, and now they are available as bamboo shades as well. When you install bamboo shades in your home or office interior, you are making sure that fewer chemicals are in the air, and you breathe fresh and more purified oxygen. Not only this, the addition of bamboo looks beautiful as well; it gives a feel that you are in an entirely different natural place.

    Another idea for the organic interior design is solar energy. This doesn't always relate to solar panels either; it also means incorporating natural light into your home. It's always best to let natural sunlight come inside as much as possible, as moderate doses are healthy for our skin. To increase sunlight in your home, leave bigger areas open, or make wider windows which allow more natural light to come in during the day.

    Another idea for organic interior design is to add great indoor plants as well. You can get a few of them and place them on the stairs, at your home entrance, on each sides of the TV set, on your countertop, or wherever you have room!

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