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Amazing Interior Ideas For A Minimalist House

Modern minimalist architecture usually have a simple shape building. For example in this house, but still has complete facilities. The House Pilotto designed by LP Architektur in the town of Sankt Johann im Pongau, Austria. Having a functional zone with three main parts of living space. Among the eastern, southern and upper floor of the house. On the east, you will find the dining room and kitchen. While in the south, you’ll find family room – oriented living space. On the second floor, there is a wide gallery and relations between the most private rooms (sleeping rooms). Even a place to work, who need a place to concentrate. And also, there are many big glass at every house building, thus able to see directly to the outside. LP Architektur

Amazing Interior Ideas For A Minimalist House

house pilotto - modern minimalist architecture

Amazing Interior Ideas For A Minimalist House

house pilotto - minimalist interior design

Amazing Interior Ideas For A Minimalist House

house pilotto - modern interior design

Amazing Interior Ideas For A Minimalist House

house pilotto - stair floor design

There are a lot of ways to decorate and restructure house with small or limited space. One of the simplest is by painting wall color with bright colors. In addition, use simple furniture and make the small limiter without using large space. We can make room limiter by differentiating the floor and ceiling height. By using this concept, the limited room and sections of a house can be optimized in placing decorations and main furniture.

Currently, residential interior design must also follow the popular trend in home improvement world, minimalist trend.

Interior design should fulfill the main need and requirements of the owner, which also considering the personal taste of the owner. Needs and lifestyles of each generation is different, which influence the criteria for selection of the house is also different. For example, some home owner consider the need of a house near the center of activities or routine daily activities.

Simplicity impression reflects the architecture of the house, shape and arrangement of the interior and finishing stages. Organic shape furniture with a pattern of dynamic stripes give the soft and comfortable impression that still in accordance with its function. Furniture upholstery material will shift from any flowery motives to plain motives. The concept of interior design will not change much.

The basic concept of spatial planning aimed at creating the impression of spacious and comfortable room. This impression can be created by applying a rather large openings in the walls of the house. The concept was applied to solve the limitations of residential land and a large architectural openings have proven capable of giving the impression of wider space.

On the next page you will find a set of home improvement techniques and woodworking step-by-step tutorial, guaranteed to flick an amazing ideas in your mind. These are a set of easy to follow woodworking blueprints which will make your home the best in the neighborhood.

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