Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creative Humorous Photography by Carl Johan Paulin

Carl-Johan Paulin

Carl-Johan Paulin’s quirky humor has made him hugely endeared to leading international clients, in advertising as well as fashion. With an extraordinary technical talent he prefers to get the images right while shooting rather than by the computer. Highly dedicated Paulin always finds a new way of surprising others, often in a series of images with surprising backgrounds.

Carl-Johan Paulin, born in 1967, has been working on his own since 1990. While not shooting Carl-Johan spends a lot of time on his racer bike in various parts of the world.
Carl-Johan Paulin2
Carl-Johan Paulin3
Carl-Johan Paulin4
Carl-Johan Paulin5
Carl-Johan Paulin6
Carl-Johan Paulin7
Carl-Johan Paulin8
Carl-Johan Paulin9
Carl-Johan Paulin10
Carl-Johan Paulin11
Carl-Johan Paulin12
Carl-Johan Paulin13
Carl-Johan Paulin14
Carl-Johan Paulin15
Carl-Johan Paulin16
Carl-Johan Paulin17
Carl-Johan Paulin18
Carl-Johan Paulin19
Carl-Johan Paulin20
Carl-Johan Paulin21
Carl-Johan Paulin22
Carl-Johan Paulin23
Carl-Johan Paulin24
Carl-Johan Paulin25
Carl-Johan Paulin26
Carl-Johan Paulin27
Carl-Johan Paulin28
Carl-Johan Paulin29
Carl-Johan Paulin30
Carl-Johan Paulin31
Carl-Johan Paulin32
Carl-Johan Paulin33
Carl-Johan Paulin34
Carl-Johan Paulin35
Carl-Johan Paulin36
Carl-Johan Paulin37
Carl-Johan Paulin38
Carl-Johan Paulin39
Carl-Johan Paulin40
Carl-Johan Paulin41
Carl-Johan Paulin42
Carl-Johan Paulin43
Carl-Johan Paulin44
Carl-Johan Paulin45
Carl-Johan Paulin46
Carl-Johan Paulin47
Carl-Johan Paulin48
Carl-Johan Paulin49
Carl-Johan Paulin50
Carl-Johan Paulin51
Carl-Johan Paulin52
Carl-Johan Paulin53
Carl-Johan Paulin54
Carl-Johan Paulin55
Carl-Johan Paulin56
Carl-Johan Paulin57
Carl-Johan Paulin58
Carl-Johan Paulin59
Carl-Johan Paulin60
Carl-Johan Paulin61
Carl-Johan Paulin62
Carl-Johan Paulin63
Carl-Johan Paulin64
Carl-Johan Paulin65
Carl-Johan Paulin66
Carl-Johan Paulin67
Carl-Johan Paulin68
Carl-Johan Paulin69
Carl-Johan Paulin70
Carl-Johan Paulin71
Carl-Johan Paulin72
Carl-Johan Paulin73
Carl-Johan Paulin74
Carl-Johan Paulin75
Carl-Johan Paulin76
Carl-Johan Paulin77
Carl-Johan Paulin78
Carl-Johan Paulin79
Carl-Johan Paulin80

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