Saturday, February 26, 2011

Architecture Photography by Hakan Ludwigson

Hakan Ludwigson

Hakan Ludwigson was born in 1948 on the Swedish west coast in the small town of Vänersborg where he started his career as a press photographer at the local newspaper in 1965. He later made a name for himself through magazine work for European publications and advertising assignments for leading car companies, mixed with personal projects. In 1988 Ludwigson became a contract photographer for Condé Nast Traveler in New York. Today he is seen as one of the most versatile photographic artists at the magazine with a personal vision that has earned him followers all over the world.

Hakan Ludwigson2
Hakan Ludwigson3
Hakan Ludwigson4
Hakan Ludwigson5
Hakan Ludwigson6
Hakan Ludwigson7
Hakan Ludwigson8
Hakan Ludwigson9
Hakan Ludwigson10
Hakan Ludwigson11
Hakan Ludwigson12
Hakan Ludwigson13
Hakan Ludwigson14
Hakan Ludwigson15

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