Friday, February 25, 2011

Portrait Photography by Jonnie Craig

Jonnie Craig

Jonnie Craig is a British photographer who began taking photographs aged 16. In 2007, following a recommendation from American photographer Ryan McGinley, Craig began working with Vice Magazine, where he continues to contribute regularly. In February 2009, Craig had his first book published with Mörel books. Having recently exhibited a new body of work at the Steinsland Berliner Gallery with fellow artists Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu and Kevin Long – It would seem his newly announced series, entitled I’ll Kick You In The Head With My Energy Legs, will be soon released.

Jonnie Craig2
Jonnie Craig3
Jonnie Craig4
Jonnie Craig5
Jonnie Craig6
Jonnie Craig7
Jonnie Craig8
Jonnie Craig9
Jonnie Craig10

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