Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lifestyle Photography by Andreas Lind

Andreas Lind

Andreas Lind was born in Stockholm in 1972 and has been into people ever since. He’s fast. He’s flexible. He gets the job done. He’s fun to be around. Hard work suddenly seems like a day off. Andreas’ specialty is taking pictures with a contemporary touch, using natural light and natural emotions. His pictures never look staged. He’s great with all kinds of people, from babies to celebs to prime ministers, perhaps because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He takes his job dead seriously though. Andreas has a nice studio in downtown Stockholm for all those times when the natural Swedish light is not enough.

Andreas Lind2
Andreas Lind3
Andreas Lind4
Andreas Lind5
Andreas Lind6
Andreas Lind7
Andreas Lind8
Andreas Lind9
Andreas Lind10
Andreas Lind11
Andreas Lind12
Andreas Lind13
Andreas Lind14
Andreas Lind15

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