Saturday, February 26, 2011

Interior Photography by Alexander Crispin

Alexander Crispin

Alexander Crispin’s delicate and playful style of lighting springs from an early passion for film-making, the starting point of his career. An elaborate and humoristic approach to each commission is a trademark, his expression exact and with a crispy clean finish.Alexander loves challenges and truly thrives when creating sets rich in detail, the results constantly offering new suprises. Still-lifes, animals, portraits, environments - Alexander’s works are always based on visually strong ideas.Alexander Crispin, born in 1967, has worked all over Europe since 1992. His studio is located in the heart of Stockholm city.

Alexander Crispin2
Alexander Crispin3
Alexander Crispin4
Alexander Crispin5
Alexander Crispin7
Alexander Crispin6
Alexander Crispin8
Alexander Crispin10
Alexander Crispin9
Alexander Crispin11
Alexander Crispin12
Alexander Crispin13

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