Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Photography by Jesssica Klingelfuss

Jesssica Klingelfuss

Emerging fashion photographer Jessica Klingelfuss has shot for Idol, Peppermint, Mirrin, Shuffle and many more, and has just signed on as the senior editorial photographer for On The Streets Of Sydney, which is an online magazine that covers street and underground fashion in Sydney exclusively.

Jesssica Klingelfuss2
Jesssica Klingelfuss3
Jesssica Klingelfuss4
Jesssica Klingelfuss5
Jesssica Klingelfuss6
Jesssica Klingelfuss7
Jesssica Klingelfuss8
Jesssica Klingelfuss9
Jesssica Klingelfuss10
Jesssica Klingelfuss11
Jesssica Klingelfuss12
Jesssica Klingelfuss13
Jesssica Klingelfuss14
Jesssica Klingelfuss15
Jesssica Klingelfuss16
Jesssica Klingelfuss17
Jesssica Klingelfuss18

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