Tuesday, February 1, 2011

future interior design 81 kitchen

A rug in the kitchen

future interior design 81

decorative elements

As we have seen so far, it appears that the rugs are decorative elements that are only intended for rooms and the hall main reception, dining room or bedroom exclusively.
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rug in the kitchen

However, its use in the kitchen can be highly appropriate, both for its functionality in this particular area of the house as it looks decorative. But the question that comes to mind is the reason we exist for a rug in the kitchen.
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future interior design 81

cozy place

Remember that the kitchen should be a cozy place in every sense, since she lives in a special way with one of the most important human being’s daily life: food.
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future interior design 81

easy to clean

On the other hand, being a workplace where the ingredients used for food preparation can easily fall to the floor by accident, a rug will provide the necessary protection for our apartments.But for this, one must know how to choose the right rug for the kitchen, that is, it is very easy to clean and does not easily absorb what falls into it, whether liquid or solid.
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future interior design 81

avoid such accidents

The kitchen is usually comprised of floors or ceramic tiles, which are specially placed there for easy cleaning, but it should be noted that also can be risky for slips that can cause, especially in an area where much work focuses . Therefore, the carpets will be a sure way to avoid such accidents.
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future interior design 81

suits the style

After finding the rug that you like and that suits the style of your kitchen, make sure you buy one that is easy to clean, protect us from slipping and they are resistant to high traffic to be given them.
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